The Impact Of Digital Education in India

Digitization grappled the world almost two decades ago and has had a visible impact on every walk of life. We now live in an increasingly hyper-connected world. In current times, the internet is immediately and easily accessible. It enables people, businesses and even machines to communicate with each other instantly and seamlessly. Our society is… Read more »


Learning through doing – How IB syllabus at TRINS prepares learners for an international professional career:

What’s the right syllabus for my child? At TRINS this is a question we often get from prospective parents.  According to a survey by Aspiring Minds, close to 90 percent of Indian graduates are  considered unemployable for any position after passing through a conventional public school education and higher education. Here at TRINS, our main… Read more »


5 Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Preschoolers

A good parent seeks to make decisions that are in the kid’s best interests. A good parent is not defined just by their actions, but also by their intentions. It’s not about being flawless as a parent. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to achieve it. Set high expectations for yourself first, and then… Read more »


Empathy in children

Abstract The Covid pandemic saw an unprecedented surge in voluntary work, bringing into focus once again the importance of inculcating empathy in children. Employers too have realised that fast paced digitization has made it imperative to sensitise and humanise the workforce through empathy training. This can only be done by inculcating empathy in early childhood.… Read more »



With its vast reach and unparalleled popularity, sports activities for kids are important and one of the most powerful tools ever created for child development. The importance of sports for kids is realised with breaking through barriers, both in the physical and mental stadia. CHILD DEVELOPMENT THROUGH SPORTS  The importance of sports for preschoolers ranges… Read more »


How Does Changing Schools Impact Children?

A child’s school is their second home. The majority of a child’s time is spent in school or on school-related activities. They spend over a decade in a school, meeting friends and experiencing some of their most unforgettable days. Naturally, moving schools can be very stressful for children. If you are worried about changing schools… Read more »


Social isolation effectchildren as much as adults. Often more.

Long-Term Effects Of Social Isolation As a Child

Being trapped in the house for over two years has made us all wonder what might be the effect of this isolation on children. Effects of isolation during COVID-19 can not just be seen in adults but also in children. Read this blog to take a look at how social isolation impacts children. Effects of… Read more »


Choose to show up to ourselves and allow ourselves to process what we are feeling. Let that spark burn to its last of its speck


Stop crying. Stop breaking down. You have to focus on better things. Be happy. Be positive. It will be all fine. Most people say similar things when they see someone feeling sad, upset or going through a hard time. While it’s coming from good intentions and their heart may be in the right place, itRead more >>

Dungeons & Dragons

A TRINS School Club | TRINS At  TRINS, we are always on a lookout for new ways to connect with students. To reach out to them, help them know that they are supported, and help them adapt at every corner to become who they need to be. The most important part of helping these students… Read more »