Choose to show up to ourselves and allow ourselves to process what we are feeling. Let that spark burn to its last of its speck

Beyond Happiness

Stop crying. Stop breaking down. You have to focus on better things. Be happy. Be positive. It will be all fine. Most people say similar things when they see someone feeling sad, upset or going through a hard time. While it’s coming from good intentions and their heart may be in the right place, it… Read more »


Dungeons & Dragons

A TRINS School Club At  TRINS, we are always on a lookout for new ways to connect with students. To reach out to them, help them know that they are supported, and help them adapt at every corner to become who they need to be. The most important part of helping these students open up… Read more »


INDEPENDENCE: A Changed Perception

Being born in the 21st century, I never knew the actual meaning of freedom struggle and independence until the COVID-19 pandemic began. Freedom struggles were mere passages in history. To me, they were just stories that had to be read to ace my History exams. The lessons revealed that freedom struggle and the need for… Read more »


Supporting Students with Autism

Delving into Autism

Autism……In my 8 years of experience, this word has evoked varied responses from teachers, students, special educators and parents. From anxiety, hopelessness, fear, panic, apprehension, worry, nervousness, indifference, feeling lost to curiosity, acceptance, perseverance, confidence, pride, empathy, and compassion. This has been one of the more challenging conditions to work with because each child presents… Read more »


Musings of a Fresher - Trins

Musings of a Fresher by Sriya Kumar, 11DP

2019… Moving to another school, getting adjusted to a new place, making new friends and most importantly getting to know myself was something that kept me busy this year. The first time I visited the school in the month of January, I was totally mesmerised by the idyllic scenes. I have always imagined studying in… Read more »