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Our Story As The Best International School in India

We have been a centre of excellence since our inception in 2003. Focusing on the multi-dimensional development of children, our mission as an international school in India is to develop self-assured, sensitive, conscientious, and educated citizens with a lifetime enthusiasm for learning and caring.

Extracurricular activities are an important element of the curriculum at Trivandrum International School, India. Every kid here is given the chance to develop and display their abilities, whether it be in the arts, athletics, or soft skills. Our commitment to comprehensive education distinguishes us from other Top international schools in India.

We uphold the Round Square Association’s goals of democracy, internationalism, adventure, ecology, service, and leadership as proud members. Students aged 14 and above can take part in four distinct activities at TRINS, including service, skills, adventure journey, and physical recreation at our International school in India.

Why Are We Among Best International Schools In India?

We have developed a technique for balancing numerous disciplines that may be combined in order to provide consistent and cognitive teaching. TRINS is the best option for those who want to learn about Biology while also learning about the complexities of economic activities in the country. All of a student’s preferences are taken into account by the school.

Trivandrum International School, India is dedicated to developing compassionate citizens for the present and future. We trust that by being giving and caring for community members, we can teach basic human qualities to our pupils via our engagement and awareness efforts directed at social services.

This approach to the moral development of children, makes us rank among the top international schools in India. As part of their birthday celebrations, TRINS students give food and supplies to the critically ill. TRINS aspires to build a community that values mutual compassion and consideration for all members, regardless of caste, creed, or gender.

Facilities at Trivandrum International School, India

Special Education

TRINS aims to practice inclusive education for special children with varying levels of learning difficulties through our inclusive initiatives. Our programme named Special Educational Needs(SEN) provides assistance to special children by a professionally qualified teacher and two counsellors.

Foreign Exchange Programme

Your kid will have the opportunity to explore TRINS through exchange programmes with countries such as France, Germany, and Denmark. As one of the top international schools in India, we recognise the benefits that mixing cultures from other nations can have on your child’s development. This is exactly why we have added initiatives like “Staying in Buddies’ Homes” to enhance your child’s cultural interaction.

Boarding Facilities

Our boarding facility provides the children with a home away from home experience. The premium boarding infrastructure offers the finest stay-in experience for students, with large rooms accommodating three students per room, en suite washrooms, and hot water. Our best-in-class infrastructure helps us compete with other top international schools in India.

Our students’ health comes first, thus we provide fresh, sanitary, and nutritious food cooked by in-house chefs, which comes from a diverse food menu that is updated on a regular basis. We stand out from other best international schools in India because the local Principal and Teaching Staff provide customised attention and care to each boarder. Weekends for the boarders are filled with leisure visits to museums, exhibitions, art galleries, theatres, exhibitions, and other performances to expose them to local culture and enhance their social attitude.

Social Service at Trivandrum International School, India

TRINS makes it to the list of the best international schools in India because we do not only educate our students academically but also morally. We inculcate a sense of giving back to society from an early age, thus moulding responsible, aware, and considerate global citizens.

Charity funds are raised through food fairs and bake sales and are used to support vital causes. Our obesity awareness event, known as the Junior Marathon, is a 5-kilometer race amongst pre-teens from various schools across the city. Through such initiatives, middle-school pupils at TRINS have an influence on health concerns.

We are among the best international schools in India because we make regular trips to hospitals and orphanages to foster a humanistic link between your children and the less fortunate children who require support. Our grade 11 students teach communicative English to the local school’s lower primary kids every Wednesday. As an International school in India, we recognise that we should acknowledge a privilege and try to make the most of it.

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