A-Levels Curriculum | TRINS

The A Level programme consists of AS qualification (studied in Class 11) and A2 qualification (studied in class 12). A student may choose to study four subjects in Class 11, but this will often be reduced to 3 subjects in Class 12 (students obtaining three A-Levels and one AS-Level)

Subjects may be chosen in any combination that suits their requirements for their University education. Accordingly, there are no fixed subject groups. However, choices will be also influenced by schedules set for the school year:

Subjects Offered:

1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology
4. Mathematics
5. Computing
6. Business Studies
7. Economics
8. Accounting
9. Psychology
10. History
11. English Literature
12. English Language – one year AS-Level (Compulsory for those who wish to pursue University education in India)

The school takes into consideration a student’s preference for other subjects, but cannot guarantee to offer additional subjects unless there is adequate demand and available resources.

To enter professional courses in India, students would need to take AS-Level English language.