Trivandrum International School Admissions

The admissions team is excited to partner with families as they consider their educational choices for their children. TRINS assures you that the primary goal is to ensure your child’s success through every step of the admissions process and after.

The admissions process looks at the character of a child academically and socially to make sure TRINS is the right fit for the child.

Admissions at the TRINS is a five-step process. The following information will assist every prospective family and student in understanding the admission procedures at TRINS. Please include all the necessary documentation required for processing an application for admission.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to all grades requires the past two years’ scholastic, as well as co-curricular records from previous schools that highlight academic and personal growth.
  • Submission of copy of birth certificate or passport is a must.

While you visit the school, it would be ideal to visit when the school is in session.
If you are unable to visit the school, the admission office can arrange an interaction with your child via telephone or Skype.

The admission process is as mentioned for both Indian and International Students.

  • All applicants must meet the Age criterion.
  • Applicants need to appear for a Proficiency Test and a Personal Interview.

Based on the review of the performance on the TRINS admissions entrance test, previous school records (for G1 to 12 applicants) and personal interview, a decision to offer a place to the applicant will be made by the Coordinator/Section Head and Principal.

TRINS has a clear set of practices that are for gathering, disseminating, and maintaining a prospective student’s information. The school respects the privacy of students and their families. The school strictly maintains the confidentiality of personal documents that begins with the admissions processes at TRINS.

TRINS does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, admissions policies and other school-administered programs.

The school invites applications for the following classes:
Kindergarten – K1 and K2 (EY)
Primary School – Grade 1 to 5 (PY)
Middle and High School – Grade 6 to 10 (Cambridge IGCSE)
Senior School – Grade 11-12 (Cambridge AS & A Levels and IBDP)

Enrollment for Early Childhood

In the Early Years, students will have an interaction with the curriculum coordinator which will cover generic topics and social etiquettes.

Enrollment for Grade 1 to Grade 10

A Proficiency Assessment will be conducted to ensure that the student is placed in the appropriate grade. Assessment focuses on checking students’ competency in English, Mathematics and Science. The assessment includes vocabulary, writing, reading, comprehension, mathematics, and speaking skills. The tests are based on the past content the student has covered. The duration of the entrance tests are as follows:



1 to 3

30 minutes

4 to 5

45 to 60 minutes

6 to 12

2 hours