INITIATIVES AT TRINS,                                                         


As a renowned IGCSE School in India, Trivandrum International School is embarked upon crafting empathetic individuals of present and future. Through our outreach and awareness programmes aimed at social services, we believe in teaching essential human values to our students by being generous and caring for people in the community. Students at TRINS celebrate their birthdays by donating food and resources to the terminally ill. TRINS aims to create a community of mutual respect and empathy towards all members of the community irrespective of caste, creed, and gender.


With food fairs and bake sales proceeds, charity funds contribute to important causes. Our obesity awareness drive, known as Junior Marathon, is a 5 km sprint by pre-teens of several schools in the city. At TRINS, middle-year students create an impact on health issues.

We ensure monthly visits to nursing homes and orphanages that create a humanistic connection between your kids and the unprivileged class members who need help. Every Wednesday, our grade 11 students teach communicative English to the lower primary students of the local school. As an IGCSE school in India, we realize we can understand a privilege and make the best use of it. Therefore, we are hell-bent on creating a change.

With our inclusive initiatives at TRINS, we aim to practise inclusive education for special children with various levels of learning disabilities. A specially trained educator and two counsellors provide Special Educational Needs(SEN) support across our IGCSE school.

The aim is to diversify in the arena of languages for a better outlook on life and the creation of better opportunities along the way. With our English as Second Language (ESL), we aim to propagate the importance of language with fun-filled activities in India.

An active Counselling and Placement Cell at TRINS ensures individual guidance customized to kid’s needs enabled by the IGCSE school system in India. 

We are a proud member of the Round Square Association while promoting its ideals of internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service. At TRINS, our prestigious award programme, named the International Award for Young People allows students aged 14 and above to participate in four different activities: skills, service, physical recreation, and adventurous journey.

At TRINS, your child has an opportunity to explore via exchange programmes with several countries like Denmark, Germany, and France. As an IGCSE school in India, we understand the potential that intermingling cultures across various countries can bring your child and so we have included projects like “Staying in Buddies’ Homes” for enriching your child’s cultural exchange.

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