The mission of TRINS is to create an environment of warmth, affection, friendliness, openness and a relaxed informality combined with discipline and orderliness. Boarding offers an unmatched opportunity for the overall development of the children by providing an environment that is the next best thing to being at home. Life at TRINS provides the students with an enriching experience as the students come from different academic and cultural backgrounds. The hostel life helps the students to develop a measure of independence and self-confidence as they are prepared to face the challenges of adult life. The extra-curricular and leisure activities add an extra dimension to the life of a boarder. The school believes in providing gentle and progressive methods of discipline, mentoring and counseling to contribute to the holistic development of the children.

Boarding Schools in Kerala

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.”- Ray L. Wilbur. Every child is unique, with a sea of treasure lying underneath, waiting to be discovered, and polished so that it can shine its best. 

Trivandrum International School, the best boarding school in Kerala, promises to bring out the best version of your child under our guidance and support. TRINS aims to mould students from young learners to future leaders by building their self-confidence, sensitivity, and responsibility with a lifelong passion for learning and caring.

Apart from the IB curriculum, our boarding facility guarantees the children a feeling of a home away from home. The top-of-the-line boarding infrastructure with spacious rooms, 3 students per room, en suite washroom facility, and hot water facility ensures the best stay-in experience for the students.

The health of our students stands prior; hence we serve fresh, hygienic, and nutritious food prepared by in-house chefs, which is out of an extensive food menu that is regularly refreshed from time to time.

We assure personalized attention and care for each boarder from the resident Principal and Teaching staff. The boarder’s weekends are planned with leisure trips to museums, art galleries, cinemas, exhibitions, and other performances to give them an experience of the local culture, thus augmenting their communal outlook. Outstation trips to nearby hill stations and cities are planned on long weekends. Thus, TRINS un-arguably stands as the best choice as a residential school for your child.


A look at the best residential school in Kerala

The 3-bed hostel rooms have adjoining toilets and are well-appointed and beautifully furnished. Housekeeping and laundry services, as well as an in-house bakery and dietician support, are all available. A skilled chef supervises meal preparation from various cuisines and ensures that the food is wholesome, healthful, and delicious, with little fat, sugar, or artificial ingredients.

Pastoral Guidance

The hostel is staffed by a warden, matron, and a team of teachers who guarantee that students are well-cared for and monitored. A House Parent is allocated to each student and serves as the first point of contact for parents.

Options for boarding

  • Weekday boarding: Students take advantage of the facilities and study programmes available during the week and return home on weekends to their parents or local guardians.
  • Flexi-boarding: This allows for changes in family circumstances to be accommodated. Allows the parent of a day-scholar to stay at the dormitory in the event of an emergency or other necessity.
  • Full–time boarding: Students live on campus and only leave when the school is closed on breaks. Recreational activities like tennis, badminton, basketball, and football courts, a fully equipped gymnasium, an international-standard swimming pool, friendly matches with other schools, and yoga sessions keep the kids busy and healthy. Table tennis, chess, carom boards, and a television lounge are available in the recreation rooms. Weekends are filled with overnight trips for sightseeing, outings to the movies, the beach, concerts, and opportunities for music, dance, photography, painting, and cooking. Other special occasions throughout the year include barbecue nights, DJ nights, bonfires, and formal dinners.

At TRINS, we make the concept of “home away from home” possible with the trust parents showcase in us. 

 Here are some of the reasons why boarding schools are beneficial to students’ mental development: 

Creating a Nurtured Environment

The residential schools provide a nurturing environment with state-of-the-art facilities, pastoral care, and stringent restrictions to ensure the kids’ safety. The goal of boarding schools is to provide kids with a loving and warm environment in which they can reach their greatest potential.

They provide children with a well-rounded education, help them develop their character, and support their mental development. Furthermore, boarding schools give pupils a broad and balanced curriculum for their development.

A Greater Sense Of Self-Sufficiency

Self-sufficiency is another reason why boarding schools are beneficial to students’ mental development. Boarding institutions assist pupils in gaining a greater sense of independence. Students that attend boarding schools become more self-reliant and learn how to deal with problems and challenges in their lives.

The pupils grow into strong individuals who are effective leaders who are self-sufficient. In boarding schools, students learn how to manage their affairs and how to live and interact with others. They are taught the importance of self-planning, self-accountability, and self-motivation.

Developing Natural Abilities And Life Skills

Boarding schools assist pupils in the development of life skills as well as inherent ability. Life skills provide kids with the opportunity to practice resilience and good regulation.