Kindergarten Programme

At the main campus, there is ample room for the wonderful world of play to develop. This forms effective leadership qualities in students, and sows the seeds towards establishing early patterns of goal setting, problem solving, making informed choices and taking on challenges.

Children have an innate sense of wonderment that encompass all that they see around them. Their natural curiosity makes them excellent learners and this is beautifully integrated into the scheme of the Kindergarten curriculum. The co-curricular and academic goals at TRINS are enveloped in a mantle of unconditional love and support provided by a team of dedicated and talented teaching and supporting staff with many years of international teaching experience. All measures are taken to ensure that your child is provided with a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to happy learning.

The wide spectrum of learning experiences provided through dance, music ,art craft, sports and computer classes apart from Language, Mathematics , Science and Social Studies ensure that a multi-pronged platform is created to include all types of learners.

The motto of the school ‘Learning is for Life’ creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm and encouragement and provides opportunities that nurture each and every student’s talent and interest and allows them to bloom unrestrained. The philosophy of the school is founded on the belief that each child is unique and is a winner!