TRINS is a premier school aiming to be a beacon of learning amongst schools in Kerala. The diverse nature of activities has grown, wherein every week brings another opportunity to celebrate the variety of experiences that Trivandrum International School offers its students.


In ensuring a coherent and cognitive pedagogy, we have achieved a system of balancing diverse subjects that can be put in a combination. If a student wishes to explore Biology while understanding the nuances of economic operations in the country, TRINS is their prime choice to look forward to. The school takes into consideration a student’s preference for all subjects. 

However, we cannot guarantee to offer additional subjects unless there is adequate demand and available resources. Students may decide on subjects in any combination that suits their requirements for their University education. Accordingly, there are no fixed subject groups to be studied at our institution in Kerala. However, choices will also be influenced by schedules set for the school year. 

To enter professional courses in schools across India, students must take AS-Level English language at our school in Kerala. This is relevant to ensure that students are on a similar footing with wards across the country. A base of this sort is needed to compete and generate opportunities in a much larger landscape.

“2020 was a year like never before, as COVID made ingress into the country in multiple waves impacting every aspect of our lives, our worlds were turned upside down. At the start of the new academic year, I saw that my daughter was quite overwhelmed with this new learning format as it required long exposure to the screen for classes as well as assignments. However, as the days went by, she got comfortable with online learning. My special appreciation to the teachers, for whom this year proved to be such a herculean task and still continues to be. I know they have spent all their waking hours getting their lessons and assignments ready for their students. Last but not the least I must applaud the efforts undertaken by each and every member of TRINS, right from the teachers, the administration & Staff members, the Kitchen Staff, the Wardens, and the Ancillary and Security staff – Thank you for taking care of our children and their wellbeing during the initial outbreak in Feb and March 2020.”

  • Ms. Soniya Menon, Communication for Development Officer

Amongst a diverse set of schools in Kerala, we understand that competition can be a difficult bet to crack through. However, instead of understanding how we are different as a school, the more relevant question is, how are our students different. We are preparing our students for the world of competition beyond the four-walled classroom. As a premier school in Kerala, the main focus of TRINS lies in crafting an environment that is growth-focused and incorporates the ethos of human values by contributing to the community.