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TRINS aims to empower young learners to become leaders with a lifelong passion for learning and caring


  • We envision our students as open-minded, lifelong learners who strive to make their worlds better
  • We envision our teachers as catalysts of student success, as well as their own
  • We envision our schools as dynamic and inspirational environments in which to learn, teach and grow
  • We envision our schools making a positive and sustainable impact on their communities

Principal's message

Speech from Principal of Trivandrum International School

I am fortunate to have been part of the creation of Trivandrum International School in 2003. From its inception, Mr George M. Thomas has been determined that The school should not just have an outstanding campus, but also a curriculum that makes it a distinct international school. ‘International’ has always been at the centre of Trivandrum International School. We aim to live by that and become one of the best international schools in India. The academic curriculum is shaped by both International Baccalaureate programmes (the Primary Years Programme and the Diploma Programme) and the suite of Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations offered by the School, but the approach in the classroom is shaped by the commitment to an international education, while studying in India. We know our students will go on to universities in India, as well as others across the world, and prepare them to follow their chosen paths. The ICSE curriculum is available in Grades 9 and 10, and both A-levels and the IBDP enable university admission in India as well as abroad.

The hostel facility is an important aspect of the Trivandrum International School community. Those staying in the hostel receive both pastoral and academic support, structured study time being provided throughout the week. There is also a strong social side to the hostel which is welcoming to new students. It is essential to craft a well-structured policy to be the best international school for students.

On re-joining Trivandrum International School in 2019 as Director of Academics and Principal, I was delighted to be immersed again in the vast range of extracurricular activities that our students undertake, right here in India.

Music and drama have been a strength of the School from its early days, but so has a commitment to social service in Trivandrum.

I would welcome you to move beyond visiting our website and to come and visit the School. It will help you get a closer look at the opportunities we create for our students at one of the best international schools. You also get the chance to see our students engage in a key task: learning for life.

– Richard Hillebrand

News & Events

Congratulations to The Batch Of 2021 Who Secured Their Placements In....
McMaster University, Canada
University of Kent
University of Manchester
Newcastle University
Cardiff University
St Joseph’s College, Bangalore
Congratulations to the Batch of 2020 Who Secured Their Placements In …..
University of Brighton
University of Warwick
University of Edinburgh
University of Sheffield, UK
University of Sussex
New York University
University of Waterloo, Canada
University of Toronto, Canada
Manipal Institute of Technology
Bennett University
Flame University
Jain University
Amity University
St Joseph's College
IMS Dehradun
Heriot-watt University Dubai
Emirates Aviation University
Warsaw Film School
Bits Pilani, Dubai campus

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Boarding at Trivandrum International School

Boarding School TRINS

TRINS hostel defines itself to be a ‘home away from home’ for our boarders. It provides a rich, multicultural living and learning environment and establishes itself as one of the best international schools in Trivandrum, India. Trins management, Principal and the faculty gelled quick and well into a proactive mode quickly and succeeded in working as a well oiled team to counter the effects of the pandemic. Not only did they make the online sessions most interesting but interspersed with the right proportion of practical works. Another notable Trins initiative was to focus on interaction with not only the students but with the parents through teachers and counsellor, am area which was a blind spot otherwise. This helped parents also cope up with the unforeseen changes and adapt to the new situation, coping and balancing this situation along with the issues in their day-to-day life. -Mr Roby Stephen(parent of Mathew Thomas)

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The hostel provides spacious, well-ventilated rooms that can accommodate therewith an en-suite washroom. Weekday boarding: Students enjoy the facilities and study programmes on offer during the week and go home to their parents or local guardians during weekends. Flexi-boarding: This can accommodate changing family circumstances. Gives the parent of a day-scholar the option of using the hostel accommodation in case of emergency, necessities etc. Full–time boarding: Students stay in the school, going home only when the school is closed for the term. Entertainment and Recreation Tennis & badminton courts, basketball & football courts, a fully equipped Gymnasium, a swimming pool of international standards, friendly matches with other schools, and Yoga lessons keep the students active and healthy Recreation rooms with table tennis, chess, carom boards, television lounge.

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Residential school Food TRINS

The meals are balanced and are monitored by a dietician to ensure that the children are getting a nutritious diet at our school in Trivandrum. A healthy body can not operate if it is not taken care of from time to time with the best of nutritional needs. We aim to pay special attention in that area.

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Weekend Activities at TRINS

Students are encouraged to join the school clubs and participate in activities such as trekking, drama, dance, sports and music.

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At Trivandrum International School, India, extracurricular activities form an integral part of the coursework. Be it arts, sports or soft skills, every child here is provided with an opportunity to nurture and showcase their talents. Because of our belief in holistic education, its sets us apart as a shining star amongst schools in Trivandrum.
Initiatives at TRINS Learning Diversity:
Special Educational Needs (SEN)
We practise inclusive education for special children (children with various levels of learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and children who are exceptionally gifted). A specially-trained educator along with two counsellors provide SEN support across the school.
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Working in close coordination with the Department of English and Library, the ESL programme makes learning a pleasure through fun-filled activities.
Career Counselling & University Placements
An active Counselling and Placement Cell at TRINS ensures individual guidance for any admission in any part of the world, and that has taken our TRINS alumni into prestigious universities across the world.

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Sports Activities in School
School Activities at International School