The Right Education For Your Child – Parental Guide To Choosing The Perfect School

By trinswebadm  |  27 October, 2022

As Albert Einstein once famously said “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”. Education is crucial to a person’s development. The education they receive shape them into the adults they become. Needless to say, the right foundation to the perfect education is laid in their childhood. The responsibility to find the best school for a child is endowed on parents. Finding the proper school for your child that matches their intelligence, creativity, and temperament may make or break their academic performance and overall success in life.

Each child’s demands for growth and development are as unique as they are. Consequently, what may be an ideal school for one child may not be suitable for another. However, some elements should be included in all schools, like great school infrastructure, student-teacher ratio, learning environment and how well technology is integrated into the infrastructure in schools etc. These are some of the factors that have an impact on a young child’s development. But how can you find a school that meets your child’s requirements while also motivating them to succeed? Choosing an environment where the factors are just right is absolutely essential for your child to develop wings. Do not limit their potential by putting them in the same square box but rather give them the ability to choose their own path. For this, you need the right mentors, the right school infrastructure, and the right mindset for growth. Before choosing a school for your child, consider the following factors:

A learning-friendly environment

When choosing a school for your child, your first concern should be to choose a place that promotes their growth and development. And it is only possible if the school provides a healthy learning environment with supporting instructors who assist your child develop the best values.

Children can only grow and thrive in an atmosphere where they feel safe and cared for. The school environment must promote a sense of safety and well-being for its kids. Furthermore, the school must offer cutting-edge infrastructure and well-equipped learning facilities that are specifically intended to meet your child’s learning needs. The more inspirational the school, the better a child’s job prospects. 

The Right Education For Your Child - Parental Guide To Choosing The Perfect School

Future-oriented curriculum

An excellent school is distinguished in large part by its curriculum. The most popular curriculum options today are those developed by various state boards, CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education),  IB (International Baccalaureate Programme), CISCE (The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). The curriculum’s depth and breadth, as well as pedagogical style, affect your child’s future education and job paths. If your child intends to pursue further education in the UK, you should select a curriculum that is recognised in the UK. Furthermore, several international corporations prefer to hire applicants who have qualifications from specialised boards. As a result, you must extensively study each school’s curricular offerings. 

Student-teacher ratio

According to research, children learn more in smaller courses, achieve higher marks, and perform better in exams and non-academic activities. A smaller student-teacher ratio allows pupils to engage in class discussions, ask questions, and voice their viewpoints more freely.

A reduced student-teacher ratio can also aid to enhance instruction and, as a result, learning results. With fewer pupils in each class, educators can devote more time to each kid. They may therefore personalise their education to each student’s requirements and provide extra resources to those who are suffering with one or more parts of their study. Teachers may also devote more time to ensuring that each student understands the curriculum and receives the assistance they require to attain their full potential.

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A system designed for continual improvement

It is critical to select a school that is eager to expand, improve, and stay up with the times. Regular academic reforms and adequate processes should be in place to meet the demand for ongoing improvement and implement it flawlessly. To be successful, relevant, and meaningful, a learning environment must continue to expand and include improvement in novel and forward-thinking ways.

In order to bring out the best and full potential of your child, it can be beneficial in exposing them to various learning opportunities. International high schools and schools that provide challenging situations that urge your child to find both answers to questions and questions for solutions can help them evolve into visionaries and global leaders. 

An eco-friendly and well-maintained campus that spans over 7 acres, Trivandrum International School, provides our students with an opportunity to explore every aspect of learning. Outside of academics, we make sure that our students indulge themselves in sports, arts and even humanitarian activities, helping them become more kinder and disciplined individuals. 

TRINS provides a variety of curriculum options all of which are in line with global standards. With a state-of-the-art facility, highly prolific teachers, and a visionary to head the institution, TRINS is not just a place of academic excellence. We pride ourselves in our students and their achievements, and rightly so. We have alumni from across the world doing exceptionally well in their chosen fields. We not only offer value-added courses but instil humanitarian qualities that make each of our students a better global citizen, making us one of the best schools not just in Trivandrum, but in the country. 

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