How Does Changing Schools Impact Children?

By trinswebadm  |  24 May, 2022

A child’s school is their second home. The majority of a child’s time is spent in school or on school-related activities. They spend over a decade in a school, meeting friends and experiencing some of their most unforgettable days.

Naturally, moving schools can be very stressful for children. If you are worried about changing schools for your child, you have reached the right place. Read this blog to know about the pros and cons of changing schools, as well as some tips that may come in handy.

Moving Primary Schools Advice

How Does Changing Schools Impact Children?
While moving the primary school of your child, these tips may come in handy
Source: KVC Health Systems

A child needs support from their parents while changing schools. From changing to a secondary school to changing places because of family relocation, children need some help in adjusting. The type of support a child gets can have an impact on how well they cope up with the change. While changing primary schools, parents need to be very careful and patient with their children.

Parents can help their children become more organised and provide them reassurance when required. Before entering a new school, it is typical for children to experience a combination of enthusiasm and fear. The things that may help are:

  • Engaging your child in selecting their new school.
  • Visiting the new school and teachers. Many schools have ‘taster days’ for students.
  • Finding out who to contact, when to contact them, and how to contact them if your child has any questions.
  • Letting instructors know of any special requirements that your child may have so that they can be prepared.
  • Looking at the prospectus together to review the rules of the new school.

Tips For Going to a New High School

How Does Changing Schools Impact Children?
Caption: Moving schools is not easy but these tips will help you
Source: Sara Harberson

Changing schools may be stressful for teenagers. Parents play a crucial role in offering support and advice to their children. Here are some suggestions for parents to offer support at this difficult time.

Tip 1: Keep a cheerful attitude

Be cheerful and talk about all the activities they’ll be able to participate in. Parents can also talk about the scope of making new friends and meeting new people.

Tip 2: Practice school trip

It may seem funny, but rehearsing a trip to the new school before the first day will help to calm your child on the first day.

Tip 3: Talk with a teen who has changed school before

If you know someone who has started a new school, invite them to come over and share their experiences.

Tip 4: Make certain everything is in order

Bags, uniforms, and textbooks are all necessary items for joining a new school. Help them in arranging everything before the first day.

Tip 5: Don’t make a decision too soon

Tell your child to be friendly but not rush into making new friends. It is tempting to make friends with the first person who comes to them when they are stressed about making friends at a new school.

Tip 6: Don’t compare the schools

Help your child stay optimistic when they start to miss their older school. Comparing the old school with the new school will not help.

Tip 7: Sign up for things as soon as possible

Look for the extracurricular activities and help your children in selecting a few. These activities will keep your child busy and also help them make new friends.

Tip 8: Get them ready for the stress

The first few days in a new school can be overwhelming. Breathing techniques, physical activity, and journaling can help your child.

How to Support a Child Moving Schools

How Does Changing Schools Impact Children?
Caption: With your help, your child can cope easier in the new school
Source: ADDitude

1. Prepare ahead of time

Once your child has picked a new school, try to answer all their confusions so they know what to anticipate. This includes spotting the bus stop, telling them how to catch up, etc.

2. Discuss their concerns

Encourage your children to talk about any concerns they may have. Don’t ignore the unpleasant parts of the relocation, especially if it’s linked to another major life event for your child.

3. Don’t push

Getting your child on school sports teams or attending several school activities is a great way to meet friends. But some kids may find it too stressful until they get some time to make new friends. It may take a while for your child especially if they are introverted.

4. Maintain consistent communication

Check with your child on a regular basis to make sure that they are adjusting well. Keep in mind that the actions of some children reveal more about their feelings than their words. You should be concerned if your children often stay at home, request to be taken home early, do not eat or sleep properly.

Effects of Transferring Schools

Children in all classes and ages find it challenging to transfer schools. Here is a list of the benefits and drawbacks of changing schools to have a better understanding of what the process of switching schools entails.

1. Positive effects of changing schools

  • Better adaptation skills of children
  • Better scope for making more friends
  • Children get more attention in new schools

2. Negative effects of changing schools

  • Children may have difficulty adjusting to a new school
  • New students are sometimes bullied
  • Children may face academic challenges as well

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