Musings of a Fresher by Sriya Kumar, 11DP

By trinswebadm  |  7 January, 2020

2019… Moving to another school, getting adjusted to a new place, making new friends and most importantly getting to know myself was something that kept me busy this year.

The first time I visited the school in the month of January, I was totally mesmerised by the idyllic scenes. I have always imagined studying in a school that valued nature so much, to which I felt really connected.

Waking up to the hostel’s alarm bell in the wee hours of the morning, walking up the stairs to the academic block after breakfast, sauntering to the library for my free lessons, stopping by the pond to admire the blooming lotus and getting distracted from my thoughts when a silver-grey fish causes ripples in the water reminds me so much about my native place.

Within a span of six months, I have had many moments of tranquility. Moments bordering on epiphany…almost. People who meet each other for a span of few years and how they vanish from our lives forever, never to be forgotten.

I really like how this place has been treating me and my friends who I’d love to call my family. This school has definitely given me the chance to connect with people who belong to different cultural backgrounds and the opportunity to change myself and be more accepting to life without language being a barrier for me to connect and develop a friendship that would last a life-time.

Trivandrum International School has made an impact on all aspects of my life such as academics, social, spiritual, mental and physical health. People here are a pack of wonderful souls who tend to stick with you during your hard times and teach you to be a better person in life by leaving the past behind you and are the ones that encourage you to focus on your future. I would say, I am lucky enough to have this beautiful bunch in my life. All of us have had our share of struggles this year but we have learnt that it’s very important to let yourself adapt to the changes.